Customising your Horus-I Alerts

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The Horus-I app is a dissemination app that has been built from the ground up to deliver the most up to date travel information to keep you safe wherever your destination. The app has been built for practicality with its low battery usage, low data usage and the ability to operate in weak signal areas. The user also has the ability to personalise the settings within the interface of the app. This includes a choice of languages – English or Chinese, whether the user prefers Google Maps of Map Box, providing a local emergency contact number, links to official travel advice, control centre contact details and the option to edit your profile. In addition to the option to personalise those settings, the user can also choose to customise the alerts they are receiving. 

Customising Alerts



There are more than 20 different types of alerts in 200 countries available for the Horus-I user to receive and can customise both the incident type and location depending on their requirement.  

Each of our security alerts provide information on the location of which the alert is situated (country, city), a summary of the event details and advice from national/international authorities – where applicable. 

You can view all the active alerts via the ‘Active Alerts’ tab in the sidebar or scroll and zoom around the dashboard map to see any alerts that might be in your immediate area or even the other side of the world. 

 If you deselect a category or country, this will remove the corresponding alerts from the map and alerts list, and you will not receive any further notifications from those countries or categories until you choose to reselect them within the menu.  

All of the alerts are colour coded to display the severity of the event. Grey means ‘be aware’, yellow is ‘security incident’ and red is ‘major incident’. 

Alert Notifications

The alert notifications will be delivered via your devices’ push notification service. There you will receive a standard notification on your phone and when you open the app you will be able to view the alert’s details. In NearMe mode you will only receive a notification if you are inside the geofence of the alert when its created (i.e. it is near to your current location). You will also receive a SMS message providing further notification details when in NearMe mode. 

The user can additionally choose to turn-off alerts through disabling notifications inside the device settings menu. Once you have done this, log out of the application and then disable all alert categories or countries. Please be aware that if you do choose to do this you won’t be able to view any alerts inside the app. 

If you think your institution would benefit from receiving the Horus alerts and the other bespoke benefits offered by the Horus-I app, get in touch with our team at Alternatively, you can find out further information here.




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