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Our development team are continuously improving our range of platforms and systems to deliver the best service to our clients. Some of our recent developments to our travel security platform, Horus-I, include the addition of COVID-19 alerts, refining our existing alert categories, introducing a new ‘cluster’ feature and the implementation of two-factor authentication across all Horus control panels. 

COVID-19 Alerts 

The team has incorporated the addition of daily COVID-19 alerts into the platform. These alerts consist of the latest statistics, allowing the user to stay informed with the travel restrictions, depending on their location. 

The new ‘Cluster’ feature 

The new cluster feature for alerts allows the dashboard to appear more streamlined when it is being viewed on a mobile device. The number of alerts within an area are displayed as ‘hot-spots’, also allowing the display to update faster. 

Two-factor authentication 

The implementation of two-factor authentication across all Horus control panels – internal, monitor and reseller platforms – provides an additional layer of security for all user accounts.  

New alert categories 

Based on recent user feedback, our development team have refined alert categories to make it easier for the end user to understand the nature of the event reported.  

To find out more about Horus-I and how your business may benefit from using it, contact us here. 

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