the unique travel security app delivering the most up-to-date security information to make your travel safer, wherever the destination.


How it Works
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The Horus-I Difference

The Horus-I app is an essential travel safety tool developed by Horus Global. With more than 40 years of experience safeguarding clients with intelligence- led solutions, Horus Global is committed to protecting the safety and security of our customers. Our complete suite of safety and security services aims to keep foreign students, leisure and business travellers safe, informed and secure as they go about their daily activities overseas.

Key Features include:

  • Real-time information network delivering global travel information, latest news and early warning alert notifications to you 24/7.
  • Live monitoring and a ‘check in’ facility inform your family of your location.
  • Panic alerts activate the “Watch Me Closely” button to alert us you are in need of urgent assistance and enable enhanced tracking.
  • Around the clock support – connect with our Horus Control Center where our security experts will provide the necessary assistance when needed.


Quality Team – over 40 years of security experience – a unique blend of Academics, Specialist Law Enforcement, Military, Intelligence and Security professionals

Technology – the Horus-I travel app is an elite source of travel information when you need it. Horus products are uniquely and individually tailored to meet the requirements of each individual user

Data Protection – Horus Global protects your information with the upmost care and acts in accordance with all UK and European Cyber Protect standards

Features designed with your safety in mind



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What it does

The Horus-I travel security app provides an easily accessible 24/7 information network that is accessed by you. This network provides continuous monitoring for ‘as it happens’ information about general and specific events and occurrences that may impact your travel or cause you concern. Given the latest news you can assess the situation for yourself and make an informed decision – based on the practices and procedures for safe travel that Horus Global provides.​

Time is always key and by either vacating the area or avoiding an incident you can remain safe and avoid trouble and travel delays. Mainstream news outlets have scheduled programmes – Horus I updates you as soon as information is available.​

By using the GPS in your smart phone, information will be sent to you based on your current location or, when requested, for where you are going next. This includes crime hotspots, protests, rallies and other major events that are best avoided.

Expert advice at your fingertips

Directly connect with our Control Centre security experts by using the instant chat service found in the ‘Advice Centre’. 

In the case of an emergency, Horus-I can connect you with the local emergency services number without leaving the app.

Horus-I is the unique travel security and information app designed with your safety in mind.

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For more information, please watch the video to learn more about how the Horus-I app will seamlessly provide you and your family with peace of mind when you travel overseas.

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How Horus-I can help you

Features of the Horus-I app are designed to give you the ability to explore the world more safely. As the app has been developed in-house, its functionalities can be easily customised to meet specific requirements and pricing models to suit all businesses, from global corporations to individual clients.

Contact our team at admin@horus-global.co.uk to discover how Horus-I can be tailored to improve your travel security, wherever the destination.

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Additional services

Horus Global works extremely closely with Horus Security Consultancy Ltd to provide a range of complementary security services. See below or click here for more information

Due Diligence

We are able to provide clients with accurate background information on individuals and organisations with whom you intend to enter into business with.

Security Consultancy

We provide a large number of services that will enable you to navigate your way through every potential security problem for example:​

  • Security Audits
  • Security Design:​
  • Security Planning and Project Management

Pre-Travel Advice

We provide detailed and accurate information on Regions, Countries and Cities that should be considered before planning your intended travel. Once you have started your travel, we will then provide continual updates via our travel app.


We have an unrivalled investigations capability and can provide support, to an evidential standard, to any security investigations you may have.


Do you know who is working for you? We have a flexible and secure system that gives you the confidence to look into the background of individuals who you intend to employ.

We are also able to conduct Criminal Records Checks in over 90 jurisdictions